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    The function to read in a text file is a great idea!
    I simply selected the entire table in the PDF file provided by Coilcraft with the cursor and transferred it to an empty Notepad++ only using ctrl+c/v. Then I used the “Find and Replace” function to replace spaces with ‘,’ and saved the whole thing as a .csv.
    From there, I used Matlab/Octave to create the schematic equation you can see in the first post. Because I’m lazy and didn’t want to manually type out the table from Coilcraft, plus it would be very error prone.
    So what I’m saying is that I already have a readable text file with the arrays, which is super easy to create with Notepad++ and requires no programming skills. So this should be easy for everyone else. So a .csv passing function for array parameters in “qucsstudio_library.h” would be a useful addition for C++ models.