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    For parameter optimization it is necessary to regularly re-write ths SCH file. The OCTAVE writer is using the standard command fprintf(fidw,’%s\n’,line). When opening the freshly written SCH file sometimes blank line(s) are found after the <Components> keyword:


    .Opt Opt1 1 270 -50 0 38 0 0 “SW2” 1 “2|10000|1e-5|0.1|1|7″…

    Such cases the schematic can not be opened in v.4.2.2 which delivers the message:

    “Format Error:

    Unknown component:”

    v3.3.2 was not sensitive for such blank lines. Is there a quick fix for this problem? Otherwise we can’t enjoy the benefits of the new revision.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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