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      • I have defined my device assigning the current equations in EDD model. When I am trying to execute the simulation, it is showing error “Error in ‘OFET’: Operation expected in equation “(Vds>0)?((Vgs-Vt0)>0)?0.5*beta*(abs(Vt0)^n)(abs(((abs(Vgs)/abs(Vt0))-1))^n)*tanh((alpha*Vds)/(Vgs-Vt0)):0:0″.”
      • Help me out to rectify this error.

        Hi, I don’t know if you manage to find a solution since last year, but I saw your post because I’m face to a similar issue:

        I still work on QucsStudio 4.2.2

        I had the following equation:

        StabFactorK_less1= min(range(rollet(), 50MHz, 600MHz)) -1

        The equation seems to be correct but a “Operation expected in equation” error occurs. My workaround is to split the equation with the following lines:


        StabFactorK_less1= min(range(StabFactorK_rollet, 50MHz, 600MHz)) -1


        Maybe someone else had the same issue ? it may be a bug ?

        I will re-test that with the lates t QucsStudio revision as soon as possible.




      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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