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      This schematic shows/tells what I want to do:

      schematic attached.

      I have problems understanding, in which order the equations are evaluated, especially in a nested simulation (s-param inside sweep) like this. Is there documentation about that?

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        I just noted, my variable abs_s11_min is negativ!

        It seems to be the real value of S[1,1] at the minimum of abs(S[1,1])


          Equations are evaluated at the time when they are needed.

          However, you are right. The min() function should be improved to return the complex value. Thanks for pointing that out!

          The problem with the schematic above is that xvalue() always corresponds to the first dependency, but you are trying to use the second dependency of S[1,1].


            Hi Michael,

            the same problem with the Min() function appears in the optimization sim.

            I want to minimize a goal that is complex. QS finds the value with the most negative Re(goal_variable).

            Probably based on the same source code piece

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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