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      Good morning,

      the HB simulator rarely converges with BJT models. It easily converges with diode and JFET. I tried with several settings and  number of harmonic but the convergence with BJT is very hard to obtain.




        This is a known problems. It appears due to the transit times, namely the parameters “Tf” and “Tr” of the BJT. With zero values here, it should work.

        It would be great, if someone can help to solve this problem, i.e. check if it works in simulators like XYCE (https://xyce.sandia.gov/), fREEDA (https://www.freeda.org/) or similar. Or maybe someone finds a publication about this topic, knows a friend who has a solution etc.

        Many thanks indeed!


          Experiencing similar issues using the BJT with substrate. Here, HB solver appears to have many floating nets warning by

          “Warning in ‘HB1’: Inserting 1 GOhm at HB node 36/45.”

          Even nulling TR and TF does here not result in an output (NaN).

          It would be very critical for me too having this tool at hand for BJTs.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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