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    According to the forum topic How create a library (or user library) of sNp-files ? I tried to create a new user library with many (=1060) sNp files:

    Unfortunately the text entry field can not hold all the file names to create the new library. It truncates the file list after 32767 characters:

    Obviously the conversion stops with an error message:


    Is there a way of modifying the import dialog, so that a folder, instead of a set of single files, can be selected?

    For testing purposes the sNp library can be downloaded here: GJM

    # For a workaround I created a quick-n-dirty python script generation the QucsStudio library:

    import sys
    import os
    from pathlib import Path
    import shutil

    if len(sys.argv) <= 1:
    print(“Syntax: python create_user_qucs_library.py library_directory_containing_the_data_files number_description_lines {capacitor|coil|BJT|FET} new_library_name”)

    library_directory_containing_the_data_files = sys.argv[1]
    number_description_lines = int(sys.argv[2])
    sNp_component_type = sys.argv[3]
    new_library_name = sys.argv[4]
    new_library_file_name = new_library_name+”.lib”

    hs = open(new_library_file_name, ‘w’, newline=”)
    hs.write(“<QucsStudio Library 4.2.2 \””+new_library_name+”\”>\n\n”)

    # 1. Create library XML File
    for sNp_file in os.scandir(library_directory_containing_the_data_files):
    component_name = Path(sNp_file.name).stem
    hs.write(“<Component “+component_name+”>\n”)
    hs.write(” <Description>\n”)
    with open(sNp_file) as current_component_sNp_file:
    for description_line_idx in range(number_description_lines):
    intendet_description_line = ” “+next(current_component_sNp_file)[1:]
    hs.write(” </Description>\n”)
    hs.write(” <Model>\n”)
    hs.write(” SPfile _”+component_name+”_ 1 280 320 -26 -40 0 0 \”*/”+new_library_name+”#”+sNp_file.name+”\” 0 \”2\” 0 \”polar\” 0 \”linear\” 0 \”open\” 0 \”none\” 0 \””+sNp_component_type+”\” 0\n”)
    hs.write(” </Model>\n”)

    # 2. Move library XML File to qucs library user directory
    user_home_dir = str(Path.home())
    qucs_user_lib_dir = os.path.join(user_home_dir, “.qucs\\user_lib”)
    shutil.move(new_library_file_name, qucs_user_lib_dir)

    # 3. Move and Rename sNp files
    for sNp_file in os.scandir(library_directory_containing_the_data_files):
    library_name_extended_sNp_file_name = new_library_name+”#”+sNp_file.name
    shutil.copy(sNp_file, os.path.join(qucs_user_lib_dir, library_name_extended_sNp_file_name))

    The result is a successful created library (below the 1060th component is selected) 🙂

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