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    As per title – Qucs 431 just crashes (closes when I try to open an existing project

    Qucs 332 works.


    There are about 30 sch files and a bunch of other things there.




    Could you provide one of the “evil” 😉 schematics?

    If you start qs from the command line, is there a message after the crash?



    running qucs.exe from the command line does not show anything on crash (Is there a verbose / debug flag?)

    The directory has a lot of files (maybe a few from qucs-3.3). There is some proprietary stuff so I can’t easily share.

    But I think there is some more significant problem – because just creating a project – no files in c:/users/username/.qucs/test2_prj

    and opening it causes the immediate crash of QS.




    Opening a couple of the files are fine – it’s when I open Project that QucsStudio crashes.

    It crashes even with an empty project htat I



    That sounds tough. I didn’t had similar problems. Probably only Michael can help.

    What windows version are you using? e.g. win10 Pro ?H? Maybe that’s a useful info for Michael.

    Could you try to move the complete qs program folder to another pc and try it there?

    You could also try it with an “empty” .qucs folder (just rename .qucs into .qucs_old and create a new empty .qucs folder)
    If that helps, you can populate the .qucs folder with the stuff from .qucs_old step by step and see when it fails

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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