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      thanks for all the nice work.

      I am trying to run Qucs Studio under Wine in Linux (OpenSuse tumbleweed) and it generally works ok apart from two cases: Octave post processing and C compiling.

      I am using the example on the website.

      For Octave, I am running ‘Simulation_Octave’ and then one of the schematics inside.
      What I get is the following:

      The simulator is stuck at this stage, nothing is being run.

      I tried running octave from cli using wine, but I don’t get any octave cli.


      The other issue on C compiling is based on the ‘ProgrammingC++’ project.

      Here, I am trying to run the hello.c

      Here the error seems related to the libraries or headers.

      Is there any solution to those errors?

      Thanks, Alex

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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