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      I have a schematic that does a Monte Carlo simulation. It ran, seemed to have an error in produced the dat file but it is in the folder. Since then I can’t even open the schematic as QucsStudio crashes.

      I renamed the problem schematic, added last night’s backup into the project folder and now that doesn’t open either (QucsStudio crashes).

      Attached file is today’s file that caused the first crash of QucsStudio. Edit: It seems that  I can’t attach a schematic file. Is there a way around this?

      Does anyone have any suggestions?




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        I had similar a problem when the SCH included blank (empty) lines.

        – copy the SCH to an arbitrary folder outside qucs_home.

        – open the SCH file and delete all blank lines.

        – save, close and copy it bact to the prj folder of the v4.2.2 environment.



          Thanks for the suggestion zhu.

          I checked and there were no blank lines in the sch file.

          My problem was that I had the data plots in the schematic file and there was too much data to display.

          I moved the data plots to a data display (dpl) file and the schematic would open. QucsStudio  then crashed when I tried to open the dpl file. It was ok if I deleted the dataset.

          Finally I simplified the data display to reduce the number of plots that I had. Now I can run my 5000 iteration Monte Carlo analysis and display the data without QucsStudio crashing.



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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