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      Hope it’s ok if I comment the webpage:

      At the moment there are 2 websites:

      the older one should be removed (or at least deactivated) with forwarding to new one

      Start page is filled with “new version 4.3.1” banner. Info below is easily missed. -> remove banner or convert into “flat news ticker line” or just make it much flatter

      on the top right, there is a button “info”. This just leads to the same page as “Docs”, therefore redundant -> remove info button

      qucs icon on top left is click-able and has link to “home”. This is confusing on normal desktop monitor, as the “home”-button is just next to the right. In a mobile its ok, because navigation is compressed to a “hamburger icon”. -> remove link when page is shown on a big screen with detailed navigation. Or just remove link in all cases.

      These are the main points imho and could be done easily.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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