The following files contain circuits that demonstrate the functionality of simulator and GUI. They are archive files that are decompressed by QucsStudio. (Drag’n’Drop into project list or via menu: Project → Extract Package…)

DC analysisDC bias, nested sweeps
AC analysisnoise contribution etc.
transient analysisoscillators, peak detectors, periodic steady-state analysis etc.
s-parameter analysisgain/stability/noise circles, Touchstone files
HB analysisHarmonic Balance, large-signal AC, large-signal s-parameter analysis
digital simulationstruth tables, Verilog, VHDL, etc.
system simulationoptical telecommunication systems, eye diagrams, bit error rate (BER)
circuit optimizationfinding best-fit of component parameters
Monte-Carlo analysisestimation of tolerances
PCB layoutdesigning a printed circuit board of an electrical circuit
Octavescripts, post-processing, mex files, script-based schematic creation
C++/VerilogA modelscreating user models
binary component librarycontains the following models: Curtice, Statz, TOM1…3, EKV, HICUM L0/L2, stripline and more (many thanks to Mike Brinson for contributing most of the models)
SPICE importshort description on how to import SPICE files
programmingsmall examples for programming console applications in C/C++
EM simulationa few examples about electromagnetic field simulations
formulasExamples for formula sheets