Currently the following applications are supported:

  • Results give very good agreement with commercial simulators,
    e.g. comparison between Keysight ADS® and QucsStudio: for BJTs and for microstrip line.
  • more than 100 circuit components:
    all popular lumped, RF and digital components,
    microstrip, coplanar and stripline elements,
    SGP, Statz, TOM3, HICUM, JFET, MOSFET models,
    diode, photodiode, tunnel diode, SCR, triac, diac, OpAmp models,
    user-defined components (time, frequency and mixed domain)
    many others …
  • DC analysis
  • AC analysis (including noise analysis)
  • s-parameter analysis (including noise parameter calculation)
  • transient analysis (including periodic steady-state simulation)
  • Harmonic Balance analysis (including large-signal AC and noise analysis)
  • system simulations
  • parameter sweeps, powerful optimization algorithms, tolerance analysis and manual tuning with sliders
  • creation of user components with:
    equation-defined components (voltage or frequency dependent),
    VerilogA using ADMS by Laurent Lemaitre,
    C/C++ using MinGW compiler
  • digital simulations in Verilog using ICARUS by Stephen Williams
  • digital simulations in VHDL using GHDL by Tristan Gingold
  • electromagnetic field simulation of PCBs
  • import of PCB layouts in HyperLynx format with hyp2mat by Koen De Vleeschauwer
  • import of GDS II format with libGDSII by M. T. Homer Reid
  • PCB layout and Gerber viewer using KiCAD by the KiCAD team
  • numerical data processing using Octave by John W. Eaton et al.
  • RF transmission line calculator for:
    single & coupled microstrip line,
    single & coupled coplanar waveguide,
    single & coupled stripline,
    coaxial transmission line,
    rectangular waveguide
    twisted pair
  • filter synthesis (LC ladder, stepped-Z, microstrip, active filters etc.)
  • attenuator synthesis (resistive pi, tee, bridged-tee and splitter topology)
  • component designer for inductances and capacitances
  • GPIB device control
  • import of SPICE and Touchstone files
  • technical documentation of all models and types of simulation
  • support of German and English language
  • displaying HTML files (e.g. for documentation)