QucsStudio is mainly a circuit simulator that has evolved out of the project Qucs, but isn’t compatible with it. Many things have been completely reworked. It’s meant as a development environment for electrical engineers (graphical user interface, circuit simulator, PCB layouting, numerical data processing etc.), which can compete even with professional products. The application uses Qt4® by the Qt Company® as graphical user interface.

By the way: The correct pronunciation of Qucs is [kju:ks].


QucsStudio is a non-commercial project that is developed completely privately in spare time. Therefore, it needs the support of its users, e.g. with:

  • bug reports, test results, documentation etc.
  • help other users in the forum
  • make a donation

Programmers can help, for example, with the following tasks:

  • Create component libraries of the well-known companies
  • Programming extensions like filter synthesis, importing files (Gerber, OpenAccess, STEP files, KiCAD, pcbmodelgen …)
  • EM simulation core for the method of moments, e.g. basing on GLMoM, Puma-EM or Scuff-EM
  • (Complex) examples for circuit optimization.
  • Improving the microstrip, stripline and coplanar models
  • Extending the functionality of the VerilogA interface or use OpenVAF
  • Creating new components in C/C++ or VerilogA. This task also includes test circuits that show the correct behaviour and references to publications about the used models.
    Examples for such components are:
    • different transformers (with magnetic core, for 3-phases, with complex transfer function, Laplace)
    • tubes
    • varactors
    • different MOSFET models
    • CMC models
  • Verification of integrated components and simulations, e.g. by testing with other circuit simulators, perhaps also with speed comparison.


Everybody who uses QucsStudio for a publication is kindly asked to cite the software as follows.


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Qt® is a registered trademark by the Qt Company. Please click here for further information.