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    Hi. I would like to be able to run an S paramter simulation with two different S paramter files loaded  sequentially into the same model block via a variable. This would then allow one to “sweep” that variable and plot perfomance of the circuit in both states. An example of this is a 2 output switch (SPDT) which is characterized in each of its two states by 2 S different paramter files.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Thank you


    Hi JGG,

    I have a similiar problem, wanting to tune a filter based on sNp-Files. I tried a list-sweep with the file-names as the list elements:

    The equation block, after activating it, seems unfortunately not to accept string-like elements, even when in single, or double quotes:

    When activating the sNp-element with the variable file name, in the example above X3, the simulator complains not finding the touchstone file:

    If I activate the sweep-block the following error occures without quotes around the file names:

    If I put the file name in quotes the same error as for the equation block occures.


    For testing/improving this use case I attached a QucsStudio package sNp_sweep_demo.qucs.


    QucsStudio packages can be imported and opened as follows:

    1. Extract the package file:

    2. Double click on the project, then double click on the schematic.

    A sweep-block could also be, an even better (?), solution for this open point. Maybe a possible implementation approach could be that the Tuning-Slider steps through an internal library index?


    An additional, but slightly different, motivation of having sNp-file names as variables is e.g. for symmetrical filter structures. Thus, modifying a symmetrical filter element would yield in changing a single variable, instead of chaning all instances of the same component.


    Hope, that there will be a solution in the future. Or any hint for a workaround would be appreciated.

    BR, Daniel.

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