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    Hi Carsten,

    I wanted to try the QucsStudio EM capabilites with a simple design: end-coupled half-wavelength bandpass filter. One of the task I want to perform for the filter design is to model the gaps between the resonators to calculate their length and link it to the lowpass prototype.


    I created a simple pcb layout with two copper strips and a gap separating both of them. After that, I need to change the gap width, take the s-parameters from the simulation, extract the capacitor pi-model and create a table that relates the lowpass admittance inverters with the EM simulation.

    I also need to do a de-embbeding for a more accurate modelling.

    By been able to manipulate the layout and run the EM simulation I could automate the process with a matlab/octave script.

    What did I get?

    I got it with the .sch and TL components but I want a more accurate simulations with the EM option.

    What I can’t do?

    • De-embedding
    • Run the netlist file from a pcb layout using a Matlab/octave script

    I’ve included the project with the schematic and layout. You can generate the netlist from both and see they have different formats. When I try to launch a simulation with qucssim.exe it does not work. I believe I could do it by calling qucsfdtd.exe but I don’t know how. I guess that the right person to answer that is Michael Margraf.