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    Hi Carsten,

    There is an indirect way to do it with Matlab or octave. You can generate a netlist from your schematic with Simulation\Show Last Netlist or shift+F5, and save the file as a txt document.

    Then flowchart would be something like this:

    1. Load the file in Matlab or Octave
    2. Run the simulation with a for loop to go through the lookup table
    3. Modify the lines where the capacitor and resistor are to introduce the values you want in each step of the loop
    4. Read the ‘dat’ files with the S parameters from simulation
    5. Process data in a convenient way for you

    I’ve done it in the past for other circuits and it works well. Find attached the matlab functions that will help you to run QucsStudio and read the S-parameters. I built them from the information I gathered time ago in this forum so I am not the original author, I just put the information together for my needs.

    Remember to share the solution when you implement it 😀


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