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    There obviously was a comma, which I separated for your ease, and forgot to clear “but”, but lets not discuss stylistics, because everything is told in the next sentence.

    The floating circuit is floating in the air and does not nave any ground potential explicitly defined, or has a reactance in the return path in other words. I think, that is obvious, since you cannot simulate truly floating potential (like unconnected pins) without introducing some stochastic environment model. 

    The Ground potential is defined at the other side of the circuit, at the port-2.

    But as you see, I tried simulating with fixed GND potentials at both ports, it did not change anything.


    >Mind, that you acquired a s1p file, but are using a 2-port-symbol

    That is a feature of S1P-block. Follow the refrence. With “ComplexZ0″ function it converts the fixed impedance port, into the measured S1P impedance. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>I.e. it should, but it does not because of some bug.</span>

    > That is seemingly needed, if you have complex port impedances.

    That is exactly what I have – complex frequency dependant port jmpedances. Technically, CST and ADS solve this problem without efforts. And “ComplexZ0” function should do the same.

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