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    I tried this in the QucsStudio window using octave with a single line. It didn’t work unless I put the whole thing in ‘ single quotes and you need to use ” double quotes around your paths if they have spaces in the names. To get the netlist I run the schematic and then it appears in the .qucs folder, you can also go to ->Simulation ->Show last netlist and then save it to the location of your choice.

    For example, this directly works for me, I pasted  it from my one line octave script which also works in matlab:

    dos(‘”C:\Temp\qucssim.exe” “C:\Temp\netlist.txt” “C:\Temp\datafile.dat”‘)

    the data in .dat are saved in a binary format which requires the use of the octave post processing scripts provided in the octave folder, a few tweaks are needed to use them in matlab due to how it opens the binary files.