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    I’m having trouble getting this to work. I have both versions of QucsStudio in separate folders as well as Qucs.

    C:\QucsStudio – 2.5.7

    C:\QucsStudio – 3.3.2

    2.5.7 only gave a warning about incompatible libraries in “user_lib”.  3.3.2 won’t load it’s “built-in” libraries like Z-Diodes nor User libraries due to finding “other” incompatible libraries in “C:\Users\Tom Hajjar\.qucs\user_lib”

    My goal is to put QucsStudio User files in a new folder “C:\Users\Tom Hajjar\.qucsstudio” to segregate QucsStudio from Qucs.

    Unfortunately I haven’t figured out what QucsStudio shortcut property changes that work.