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    Hi Didier,


    two things were improved in the meanwhile:

    – Emails are send now with SPF, sender policy framework, to improve qucsstudios email acceptance by the email provider of the user registrant.

    – Login status indication is improved, so that the status is directly shown after a successful login.
    Formerly the user and password login-fields were still be shown, even if the user was already logged in.


    For the second point credits go to maelh !


    User registration is done normally in two steps:

    1. Register the new user with username and email address. You are automatically logged in the first time.

    2. You receive the user passwort via email. After you have logged out the first time, use the password for the next time you want to login.


    I hope, that the user registration is now less error prone.

    Best regards,