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      QucsStudio uses Octave 3.6.4.
      It can easily be replaced by a different version.

      The folder QucsStudio\octave\ contains all Octave stuff
      and can be replaced by the folder of a later version.
      As QucsStudio uses the command line interface (CLI),
      the octave\bin\octave-cli.exe file has to be renamed to “octave.exe”.

      To get rid of printing the command prompt, the startup script can be modified:
      add: PS1(“”); fprintf (” It’s up now!\n\n”);
      to the end of the file: octave\share\octave\4.2.1\m\startup\octaverc

      If you want to keep the Octave help file (SHIFT+F1 key in the QucsStudio GUI),
      copy the file octave\octave-en.chm from the old directory to the new one.

      This was tested with Octave 4.2.1, but should work with other releases, too.
      Good luck!

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