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      few things I notice for first time use…

      1. When I save & reload a schematic, the  Frame reverts to A5 when re-open.

      Tested a few files & same issue

      The following may not be bugs, but may need attention.

      2. Print to PDF does not use filename from sch sheet being printed.

      3. In Edit Diagram Properties, list of dataset variables is sorted by ??
      Alphabetical sort would be useful.

      4. sim err [Error in ‘Vin’: Unknown variable ‘Pr1.V’ in equation “Pr1.V”].
      With measurement probes “Pr1”, variable Pr1.V gives an error.
      However  with  current probe “Pr2”   Pr2.I  is ok

      5. Simulation does not like 1k5 ? (workaround 1.5k)

      6. Cannot place diagram until simulation success. (open file with unlinked diagram=success)

      7. si unit for milli “m” is ignored. (K & M both work)
      (workaround  eg is 0.003Ω)


        I did a test with the document border.

        Looking at the file the line showFrame=1, If I change it to showFrame=5 & reopen it is restored to correct sheet size.  For some reason it is not being saved



          Thanks for your report!

          Topic 1 is a known bug.

          Topic 2 works when you use “Export…”. Your file printer isn’t part of the QucsStudio package.

          Concerning Topic 3, I don’t like alphabetic order. But change it to “most useful” order is perhaps a good idea.

          For topic 4, the correct syntax is Pr1.dV ! (Just have a look into the dataset.)

          With topic 5 and 6, you’re right. That’s just as it is.

          In topic 7 you have to write 1mA or 2.3mV. The term 3m mean 3meters.

          I hope that helps!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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