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      i’m trying to create an impedance match for an RF rectifier at 0.868 and 2.44 GHz.

      In the first step, I adapted the simulation so that the simulation and measurement match.

      In the second step, I calculated the T-section impedance matching.

      In the third step, I inserted the calculated values in Qucsstudio, simulated and tuned them.

      I would like to get better results with the optimization simulation.My problem is that the simulation only ever adjusts one of the two frequencies.

      My equations(goals):
      pass1 = min(range(S[1,1], 1.885 Ghz, 1.995 GHz))
      pass2 = min(range(S[1,1], 2.40 Ghz, 2.45 GHz))
      both with weight 1 and minimize

      Optimization settings:
      Method: grid search
      Number of restarts: 1

      lengths and widths of all lines in the T-section matching network


      I hope one of you has a tip for me.

      best regards



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