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      Been using QucsStudio for a few years. I also use Qucs, Qucs-S and LTSpice and have used many Spice simulators since the 80’s. I am having very little success trying to convert popular OpAmp Spice models to a QucsStudio compatible format. Maybe 20% of OpAmp Spice models I try to convert work including ones that work in Qucs once they have been imported or other Spice simulators. Working means I get a successful test run of the “new” OpAmp in a simple x2 NI amplifier circuit. The failures include simulation getting “stuck” at 0% or simulation ending with data being garbage.

      I’m willing to help create and test Spice models. I have a OK grasp on the structure of the QucStudio ASCII library format.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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