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      If a circuit analysed with [“plain”] Qucs 0.0.19 (nota bene not Qucs Studio[!]) is attempted to open in QucsStudio 3.3.2, an error message “Wrong Document type:” is issued.

      Is there a means of using, be it by import, conversion tool, etc., of being able to use Qucs files in QucsStudio?


        The two file formats are different. Only method I know, assuming you know the differences, is use a text editor to manually change the file. Once schematic opens you need to make changes to sources and other items to get the file to work. Not worth the effort unless the schematic is very large.


          I would not mind writing a little converter, but I don’t have enough detail of the file formats between the 2 programs at this time.

          I am assuming the QUCS format had some problems for QUCS Studio to  need a new structure ?

          I have about 11 QUCS projects & 18 schematics that would be a lot of work to convert manually. (my main prob with QUCS is I can’t pdf print[font size issue])


          Example sch



            Ok, I have made a draft QUCS –> QucsStudioV3.3.2 scg .sch file converter.

            [Sorry, I should have done it in JavaScript but I already had a VB app that was similar.]

            Have tested on my files, but still need to do some tweaking to get  sch to sim. The acid test it it loads without error.

            Just put the app in a folder with sch files for convert, out files will have append’d filename.

            What I had to tweak after loading sch in QS: Some components are 90deg. rotated, text newline is not, some  variables need  correction – (in sweep,  Diode EGTA value set to “Normal”,  Formula differences etc…) easy enough to find with sim error report.

            Any probs just feedback

            Here is the link for now…



              I did a quick test of an old RF filter file I had using  AC Power sources and S-parameter analysis. The two Sources P1 and P2 were rotated 90 deg. Another problem that is not a real issue for QucsStudio is a formula for Group Delay used in older Qucs had used the math function “unwrap” that QucsStudio didn’t know. I’m sure there are other issues as well.

              I have a huge number of Project files for Qucs, Qucs-S and QucsStudio. Some are the same schematics solved using the three different versions of “Qucs”


                Thanks for testing,   there are some things that we need to correct & tidy up after load, it took just a few minutes to get my A3 PV sim working after load. There is not a comprehensive file format document so I have to analyze differences between saved sheets of the 2 programs.

                The app is not intended to be a full converter, but just a “get it to load” .

                If anyone identifies a specific format difference I should be able to implement it in format converter.

                Yes there some QUCS equation convention that QS V3.2.2 does not use, but its easy to correct them.  (eg… PlotVs, V1.V, )




                  Converter V0.11  ,    Just fixed a few things…


                  MSE  AutoBots gives a false positive  on the new version, sent submission waiting reply. (I knew I should have JavaScripted it!)



                    Password protected….


                      Sorry, I must have dropped the wrong link   the zip  is not latest version now.

                      This should be the correct link for V0.11


                      *.dpl  files now included in the files list for convert.

                      MS SE definition now exclude my file (until I make some significant change)




                        Any reason you can’t match the rotation of sources? All are placed rotated -90 deg.

                        You also don’t handle anything but “0.0.19” in the header.  0.0.19, 0.0.20 and even older examples are common.

                        Neither issue is a big deal.


                          Another issue is the mismatch between the number of parameters for a component in Qucs versus QucsStudio.

                          Capacitor Example:

                          Qucs capacitor has 3 parameters.  C, V, Symbol

                          QucsStudio capacitor has 5. C, G, V, Symbol, Package

                          G is blank and you are stuffing “neutral” into 2 fields thus causing an error in QucsStudio.  Errors occur for diodes and other components as well.

                          When I used to manually convert Qucs to QucsStudio, I would not try to match all the extra parameters. Obviously I can manually edit each component to get rid of errors. It’s harder for components with a large number of parameters like a diode.






                              I am only changing the format of the file so it loads,  any differences between QUCS & QucsStudio are beyond the scope of the converter.

                              I have  looked at the rotated components but can not figure out how it works.

                              It only converts the latest version QUCS files as that is all I have to test.

                              If need to convert an earlier version just edit the first line in the file or load into later QUCS & re-save.

                              Not may people have VB6 , but I will put the code online when it has been fully tested.

                              As I mentioned JavaScript would be better as it will run in a web browser & is easily modified.



                                If you need any files or projects I have lots for Qucs, Qucs-S and QucsStudio.


                                  i wanted to convert the schematic that was posted here just for fuN.

                                  h t t p s ://sourceforge.   <remove blanks> net/p/qucs/discussion/311050/thread/8e840b8f96/

                                  tbh, it looks quite insane and I wanted to check if QS could do it.

                                  Conversion seemd fine, but QS cannot open it, claiming “Wrong property format”

                                  Is your converter still working for the newest QS version?

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