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      In trying to make a user library and put it into either the folder

      “C:\QucsStudio – 3.3.2\library” or “C:\Users\Tom Hajjar\.qucsstudio\user_lib”

      The component will place into the schematic but I always get an error message “Unknown subcircuit”.

      I then renamed a copy of S_diverse.lib and put it in “C:\QucsStudio – 3.3.2\library”. Any component used from the original S_diverse.lib will work but the SAME component in the renamed but IDENTICAL library will give the same error message “Unknown subcircuit”.

      Are any user made libraries allowed????



        Follow up:

        Edited S_diverse.lib to have two identical components the original Qcoil and a renamed copy Qcoil2. Qcoil2 give an error while Qcoil works.

        Why is QucsStudio not allowing me to make user libraries or modify any of the original” libraries to add components?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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