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      Is it possible to get the rectangular waveguide as a possible transmisison line back into the system? For some people working with hollow waveguides (rectangular, circular, ridge, coaxial) and working with TE- and TM-modes other than only TEM-modes it would be very helpful. Using a simple transformer model, that kind of waveguides can be matched easily to the 50 Ohm environment too. As such one can do a first order approximation for inhomogeneous hollow waveguides and cavities even.


        Do you want to use the rectangular waveguide in a circuit simulation?

        I don’t know how to model this. But if you can help here, it will be quite easy to implement it as an external component.


          First of all, many thanks for your prompt response.

          It would be excellent to get the possibility for calculating TE and TM modes of dispersive waveguides. TE and TM as it will allow to calculate every possible mode in hollow waveguides.

          The simulation is very helpful for using the scattering matrix approach (first order approximation) for calculation of e.g. microstrip to waveguide transitions or cavities or taper etc.

          The simulation is quite simple as shown in attached picture. I did this by using the “old” QUCS.

          SImulation of dispersive waveguides (wgrect)

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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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