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    Didier CELI

      My Goal is to use QucsStudio for model parameter extraction. Even is this software has not been developed for that, it is almost possible, and completely possible if some new features are added.
      1- The most important point is to have the capability to make optimization on characteristics which have several sweeps. For example, for BJT a primary sweep VBE and a secondary sweep VBC or VCE. To my knowledge, it is not possible with the present version of QucsStudio. Is there a workaround to do that?
      2- The second important point, is to have to capability to select, for the optimization, only a part of a characteristics. It is possible using the function range(f,x1,x2). Unfortunately that works if there is only one sweep. Therefore, extend the function range(f,x1,x2) to several sweeps.
      3- Even if I know that it is not planned, to have the possibility to store and to recall the tuning windows.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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