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      Hi everyone,

      my first post and I am not sure i am posting in the correct section (development).

      I would like to know whether, or not, there will be a QUCS Studio source file available for linux install.

      I dropped windows more than15yrs ago and I am not going back.

      Am i wrong to believe that QUCS Studio is the latest QUCS? or are they two completely different developing teams? I run slackware current and the QUCS installable is from 2017 (0.0.19); I doubt there will be any more development on that.

      I just started an electric/electronic engineering degree and i would love to use native packages (and avoid any back-links to windows (through Wine and/or VirtualBox). At uni they run LTSpice on windows pcs but I would love to try circuits and play/learn with them at home too.

      QUCS that I have installed is (almost) great (meaning that I love the simple layout) however, it keeps returning crash/error reports at every simulation i try to run (even a simple DC source and a resistor fail to simulate). I guess it hasn’t been maintained for years therefore not keeping up with the changes and upgrades of countless dependence libraries.

      Is there any plans to release QUCS Studio for linux? At lest the source file? please



        Qucs, Qucs-S and QucsStudio are differnt things. QucsStudio is closed, Windows only and developed by Michael Margraf AFAIK. Some people use wine.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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